Ashita is developed with ❤️ by its core development team, and greatly enhanced by its various plugin and addon developers.

Below are lists of credits and shoutouts to the various people who have brought Ashita to life and continue its development.


Ashita is developed using the following tooling:

  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Visual Studio Code Insiders
  • GitHub

The following extensions are used with Visual Studio Code:

  • C/C++ (Microsoft)
  • CMake (twxs)
  • CMake Tools (Microsoft)
  • Even Better TOML (tamasfe)
  • Instant Markdown (David Bankier)
  • Lipsum Generator (Nino Maruszewski)
  • Lua (sumneko)
  • Lua Debug (actboy168)

Third-Party Libraries

Ashita is developed using the following thirdparty libraries:

Sugar Library Credits

The Sugar Lua library is made by atom0s and is inspired by similar functional programming libraries for Lua:

Documentation Credits

Other Credits

  • Project Icon (Moogle) - Unknown original creator. If you made the icon we use (found on a free icon website) please let me know who you are to give proper credits!


Lead Developers

  • RZN (Retired, original creator of Ashita.)
  • atom0s (Lead Developer)
  • Thorny (aka Lolwutt, Core Contributor)

Addon & Plugin Developers (Third-party)

  • Apogee
  • BangPlaysGames, Bambooya, bluekirby0
  • Drusciliana
  • Farmboy0, Fel (aka zombie343), Flanagak
  • h1pp0, Heals, Hypnotoad
  • Jaza, Julian
  • Lamalas
  • MalRD, matix
  • Nospheratu
  • Praenuntiae
  • Shinzaku, Shiyo (aka ShiyoKozuki), Spiken (aka Spike2D)
  • TheMystic (aka lenonk)
  • Venrell, Vicrelant
  • Xenonsmurf

If you have contributed to Ashita, created an addon or plugin that is publicly available, or otherwise feel you should be listed on this page, please contact atom0s#0001 on Discord to be added properly.