Author: bluekirby0 & atom0s

Allows you to send commands to multiple other characters on the local computer from a single character.

Servo has been replaced by MultiSend! You should only use Servo if you still need network connections for multiple characters. Otherwise, MultiSend should be used instead.


  • Multiple character control with ease.
  • Control characters across a network or internet.




/servo on [addr]
/servo off
/servo sync [addr]
/servo command <cmd>
/servo send <cmd>
/servo sendto <cmd>
/servo followme [on|off]
/servo follow [on|off]
/servo addgroup <group>
/servo delgroup <group>
  • Starts Servo, optionally with an address to bind to.
  • Stops Servo.
  • Starts Servo in client mode, connecting it to the given address.
  • Sends a command to connected clients.
  • Sends a command to a specific client.
  • Tells connected clients to follow the Servo host. (Or toggles the follow mode on/off.)
  • Tells connected clients to follow the Servo host.
  • Adds a group.
  • Deletes a group.